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Use it on:

• bruise discoloration
• hickeys
• road rash
• stubbed toes
• goose-eggs
• shiners
• boo-boos

This salve's most striking characteristic is how quickly it clears the discoloration of bruising. Why? Credit the dynamic duo of Arnica and Comfrey -- reducing swelling, erasing black & blue, and encouraging skin cells all at the same time. This will make an herbal-believer out of anyone who uses it.

** Do not use on open wounds. **

* Statements made at have not been reviewed by the FDA. Products described here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1 oz tin: $14

2 oz tin: $25

  • Details

    Made in Tucson, Arizona with green-green-organic-bruise-healing Arnica montana, organic Comfrey leaf (Symphytum officinale), organic Meadowsweet leaf and flower (Filipendula ulmaria), organic Calendula officinalis flower, organic Licorice root (Glycrrhiza glabra), olive oil, beeswax, and essential oil. ** Do not use on open wounds. **

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