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Herbal Care Package w/gray handmade bag

Herbal Care Package w/gray handmade bag


Comfort, protection, healing and love, all rolled up in a handmade, lightly padded bag, constructed from reclaimed fabric. The Herbal Care Package includes a 1-oz Buenas Noches sleep tincture, a 1-oz Creosote salve and a 1-oz Elderberry tincture. So many remedies in one bag!

• Buenas Noches sleep tincture is a safe and effective way to relax into sleep. It produces no morning grogginess and is useful for middle-of-the-night wakefulness. It's gentle enough to use during the day to soothe nervousness or anxiety. 

• Creosote salve is an essential herbal first aid salve. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, it's perfect on a bandaid to prevent infection as it encouraeges healing of cut or abraded skin. Creosote is softening to garden rough hands and benefits sun-damaged skin. It's anti-fungal action makes for the perfect foot salve.

• Elderberry tincture  is supportive of the immune system and its anti-viral properties make it an herb traditionally taken during cold and flu season. It's deep blue/purple pigments are nourishing to the cardiovascular system. 

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