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Amazingly effective at controlling odor. Over time, lightens underarm discoloration.


If you've experienced skin irritation from baking soda based natural deodorants but still seek a natural alternative to grocery store brands, give this one a try. It's made with skin-soothing, skin-conditioning herbs-infused oils: Calendula, Tamanu and Licorice, pluse olive and coconut oils. 


A natural product, this deodorant's firmness will change with the seasons: it's firmer in cool weather, looser in warm weather.


Massage into damp skin with fingertips.

2oz jar: $8.00

  • Details

    Net wt.3.2 oz

    Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, baking soda, Tucson-grown organic Calendula blossoms, organic Comfrey leaf, organic Licorice root, organic Tamanu oil, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, vitamin E oil.

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