Dermal Absorption and You

Today let's consider the consequence of "dermal absorption", chemicals traveling through the skin and into our blood stream. Greasy things like lotion and lipstick, as well as solvent-based things like gasoline and liniment, these travel easily through our skin and into our blood. It's a great delivery system for some medicines, bypassing compound-altering digestion which can also slow delivery. Rub on a salve and arnica can speed directly to a sore muscle. But what else comes along for the ride?

Keep it fresh, blended and smooth Lotions and salves manufactured to stock retailers across the country will necessarily require ingredients to keep the oil and water from separating and to keep microorganisms from growing in them. Without these ingredients salves and lotions would oxidize (become rancid), lose their smooth texture and rot. However many of those preservative chemicals do double duty, as you likely already know. Methylparaben will prevent fungal growth but also act as an endocrine disruptor. Tetrasodium EDTA will enhance the penetration of a moisturizer, but hey it's made from formaldehyde and sodium cyanide. (Curious about other ingredients? Check them out here.) As with food, there is a choice: get it fresh, or get it preserved. A freshly made lotion is luxurious. Oil and water held together by an emulsifier (I use beeswax). Natural, nourishing and healing. It's like food. And with time, food should rot. Lotion will keep on a shelf for several weeks, like a butternut squash -- a long time, but not a whole year, not even several months. A basic salve has even fewer ingredients, just oil and wax, so their shelf-life is longer. La Yerberia Lotions and Massage Salves Handmade lotions are thick and rich and a little goes a long way. I make lotions for my clients, but I make the extra product available for purchase on my facebook page. The 2-oz size of La Yerberia's handmade lotion is $14. Handmade massage salves come in a greater variety of sizes up to 16-oz with volume-pricing for massage therapists. Formulas are built on a base of skin-loving Calendula-infused coconut oil and custom blending provides a natural fragrance you love. If you're interested in custom lotion or salve, or have comments or questions about anything herbal, message me at

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