An excellent first aid salve! Creosote has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It's uses include:

• Abraded skin
• Sun-damaged skin
• Red scaly-patches
• Scratches & bug bites
• Stinky, itchy feet
• Desert nostalgia -- the aroma of a desert thunderstorm

Every people who have lived with Creosote have used this plant, so it goes by many names: Creosote, Chaparral, Greasewood. The Tohono O'Odham call it Shegoi. In Spanish it is "La Gobernadora", the governess, because of how the plant rules over large expanses of the harshest desert, or "La Hediondilla", stinky one, because of its distinctive smell. When it rains, the aroma of Creosote fills the desert air. One whiff of the salve and desert-dwellers exclaim, "mmm, smells like rain!"

Sun-damaged skin is where Creosote really shines. Rough scaly patches, sun freckles, skin tags, moles -- supports wound-healing too.

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1-oz tin: $12

2-oz tin: $20

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    Creosote (aka Chaparral, Larrea tridentata) leaf, fruit and flower, high-graded through selective wild-harvesting, extracted into olive oil, and set with organic beeswax.